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Currently I’m updating, optimizing, and extending revit and BIM workflow at my current architecture office. This includes:

  • working with workflow and time optimization throughout the design process,
  • creating “managing and reporting” tools and methods,
  • creating custom tools and addons,
  • scripting,
  • dynamo optimization,

I’m also creating personal tools to boost architectural workflow, as well as general BIM development. I could split this into four parts:

  • Revit addin - soon more about the tools on my blog
  • Blender analysis addons,
  • GIS data importers, both for revit and blender: ex. functionality of importing terrain data from goverment webistes straight to revit.
  • Independent project, lets call it Dash Dash Dot, more info soon.

And of course some old snippets for CAD workflow.

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The Web

As the life goes I’ve started to realize that some small elements in Wordpress didn’t fit my idea. I’ve started to dig. That was the moment I’ve learned CSS, and I knew it was good. At that moment I’ve realized how much rubbish I was writing in CSS. I knew little, it was fun, I got bored.

Knowing Python I’ve got into Flask. And I knew it was good. Then came pipenv, errors. It was amazing! My own static website from base. It was time to make it more alive with js. And I knew it was good. With all the changes of 2018, it was time to leave Bootstrap, behindm and start to animate a little, and clean all unnecesarry div’s and classes. I’ve learned new words like “optimization” with PageSpeed and Lighthouse.

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